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Mexico Medical Tourism. According to the World Health Organization Mexico has been a popular destination for US & Canadian citizens seeking health care. Its geographical proximity, the relatively low travel costs and short flight times have been drawing Americans and Canadians in increasing numbers to save money.
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Surgery in Mexico. Our proven standards evaluate how well our hospital and physicians follow national and international protocols as well as their involvement in medical research and continuing education.
By 2015, between five and ten million Americans will travel abroad for medical treatment each year. Mexico will get close to 50 %.
The Medical traveler to Mexico is informed of the hospital and surgeon costs - BEFORE your medical trip.
Generally, expect to save 30% to 75% in hospital and surgeon costs.
2/3 of all medical tourists travel for surgery in weight loss/bariatric, orthopedic, and cosmetic.
21% of plastic surgery patients worldwide select Mexico.
Mexico is by far the most convenient major medical destination for Americans and Canadians.
ALL U.S. hospitals, labs, physicians, surgeons, and specialists are required by law to provide you with copies of any and all medical information they`ve compiled about you.
Mexico Hospitals. We offer a low risk guarantee to allow you to take a leap of faith in moving forward with your medical trip. If the quality conditions are not acceptable to you, you have the option to cancel your surgery.
Health Mexico Tourism. The expertise and experience of Mexico hospitals in the medical industry provide you with only the best possible health solution at an astonishing price. Mexico, being a hub of expert medical treatments, earns many accolades due to its chain of excellent healthcare centers and highly qualified doctors. When it comes to medical aid we know what you want and expect i.e. the best possible treatment and doctors.
Medical Tourism Facilitator. Health Mexico Travel facilitates the connection between Mexico's internationally reputed hospitals and you (our patient and client). The Service that Health Mexico Travel offers is essentially "Peace of Mind". We take care of all your needs in Mexico so you can focus entirely on healing yourself at lightning speed.
Mexico Surgery. Originally famous for dentistry and cosmetic surgery, orthopedic, prostate cancer treatment and weight loss procedures now add to Mexico's attractions. With state-of-the-art facilities that can compare and exceed with American hospitals, Mexico has become one of the premier destinations for US medical tourists. Waiting times, such in Canada, are not a problem in Mexico and are literally unheard of. An additional benefit to the medical traveler to Mexico is the option to save on prescription medicine for a quicker and smoother aftercare. Mexican costs of medicines are between a third and a half those of the USA and Canada.
Best Hospitals in Mexico. International patients in Mexico are offered their own private room and face-to-face personal interaction with their doctor or surgeon. Mexico hospitals and clinics are equipped with up-to-date technology, well-trained doctors and on-hand medical staff to cater to all types of medical tourists.
Do not hesitate. Your next step is to get in contact with us. We will take care of all the details. We are "The Ultimate Solution".
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